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Like the dawn of a new day, this knowledge is not subject to the changes of time. It has its own pace, its own momentum, yet everything becomes alive when lit by its ever-present radiance. Accessible to all, this knowledge comes in waves of luminous insights for those courageous at heart to ride it. It has its own rhythm like the seasons, like phases of the moon, familiar yet always anew. In all ways, this knowledge is all there is, like the song heard at the distance, we don’t know its name, nor its author; like a folk song that has been sung by our ancestors, the echo of this song gladdens the heart, and fills the valley with that shared purpose of what it means to be alive, here and now.



SONG Publishing is an organic manifestation of directly cognised essence encapsulated within perennial wisdom traditions in response to the necessities of our time. Founded and consecrated by Igor Kufayev as an independent company in spring 2023, the publishing house aims to serve as a container for universal knowledge distilled into accessible expressions as a timely reminder of our true essence.


The goal of SONG Publishing is to provide a much-needed educational platform that weaves together various strands of knowledge into a coherent whole. This emphasis reflects the integral nature of timeless approaches that encompass the entire strata of creation, including the evolution of our planet beyond individual existential quests.


Embedded in our vision is the dedication to rehabilitate the sacred dimension of Being Human by restoring integrity to our true status as an embodiment of Awareness. With an emphasis on the centrality of human consciousness when viewed from the Geocentric perspective in terms of its cultural, philosophical and ecological implications as the guardians of life on the planet. And to bring forth the ultimately unifying vision for our shared purpose.

The name SONG is an acronym for Sound of a New Goddess, which has its origins in a manifestation of spontaneous vocalisations and overtoning, an observable phenomena amongst the participants consistently accompanying live immersions with Igor Kufayev since he went to teach publicly.

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