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Limited Edition of 300 copies
Hardcover in tobacco brown cloth with copper embossing
Printed and bound in Germany
235 mm x 161 mm x 12 mm, 144 pages


The Hidden Path

Igor Kufayev




In this book, the author shares his passion and profound insights on Tantra’s most compelling perspective, offering a captivating view of the role of aesthetic astonishment in our daily lives, ultimately pointing to the purpose of human experience. The state that unifies all true artists, mystics, and poets in an experience of direct communion with the source of all life is defined with delectable subtlety and uncanny directness. Camatkāra: The Hidden Path is a collection of discourses delivered over a number of years at live events, transcribed and rendered into written form while keeping with the immediacy of its oral delivery. Igor Kufayev presents the experience of Beauty as a unique path toward direct communion with the Divine, with aesthetic rapture as the most exalted spiritual state. Drawing from Kufayev’s experiences as a classically trained, successful artist, meditation master, and seasoned spiritual guide, this book provides an immersive and palpable experience of heightened awareness of the sacredness of each moment. This work is a confluence of philosophical exposition, intuitive insight, and poetic invocation at times delivered in thrilling prose. It is an open invitation to all to reclaim their legitimate role of being an artist at heart who beholds all creation with an eye of non-dual perception. In this time of global existential crises, this book offers essential understanding, and a way to navigate through tempestuous waves of uncertainty with courage and integrity.


“Igor Kufayev has written a clear, succinct and practical guide to non dual reality which is your reality. Camatkāra: The Hidden Path points the way to freedom from the limited mind by illuminating the essence of what this embodied life is really about.”

—Deepak Chopra MD

NY Times Best Selling Author

“In Camatkāra: The Hidden Path, Igor Kufayev performs the magic of turning the highest and the deepest truths into exquisite nuggets of lyrical beauty. Difficult-to-grasp concepts come alive in the velvety folds of words, and the reader is left delighted in camatkāra or amazement. I can’t recommend it enough to both beginners on the path of Tantra as well as advanced practitioners.”

— Kavitha Chinnaiyan MD (Saundaryāmbikā)

Cardiologist, Award-Winning Author of Shakti Rising, Fractals of Reality, Glorious Alchemy and The Heart of Wellness, and Founder of Svatantra Institute (

“Igor Kufayev is one of the most important spiritual teachers in Europe and the US. He is a tantric-energy-transmission lineage holder, rare among nondual teachers today, with each member of his long-standing community absorbing and radiating the ancient prana-shakti of his tradition. His new book, Camatkāra: The Hidden Path is thus a transmission, not only of sagely-understood and finely written teachings on this deeply embodied path, but also of the energy, the shakti, itself. It is to be read, meditated upon and felt as your own energies are quickened as you read.”

—Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

President Emeritus, Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Author, Words From the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality and Psychotherapeutic Narratives

About the Author

Igor Kufayev is an artist, spiritual teacher and founder of Flowing Wakefulness organization. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1966, classically trained in art from an early age, he completed his studies at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, had his first solo exhibition at the age of twenty five and by his early thirties enjoyed an international art career in London. Since 2002 he has been sharing his insights into the nature of Being, leading transformative programs worldwide. Kufayev’s debut book, Camatkāra: The Hidden Path, is a compelling exposition on life’s purpose based on a unique Tantric perspective and verified by the lifelong experience of an artist.

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